Great With Kids

Both our boys have been sporadic bed wetters. We bring them in for monthly adjustments now and the bedwetting is almost a thing of the past. The last time our youngest had an accident was after a fall when he was playing. The next morning when he woke up wet he said, “Time to go in to the chiropractor.” Sure enough, their monthly appointment was on the calendar for the next day!


I would not be able to function in my daily life without Dr. Smith and his team. I’ve been to several other chiropractors’, so I appreciate the fact Dr. Smith doesn’t insist I come back “3-times a week for 3-months”.  When a headache comes on, I simply call the same day and Valerie gets me an adjustment scheduled within the hour! Lee’s professional masseuse is also a God-send.  If you want a hoity-toity massage…go elsewhere because Anne gets deep down into the tissue and works those knots out!  Ever hear of pleasure-pain?  That’s Anne…and she’s well worth the “pain”! Fountain Chiropractic is where my family’s loyalty lies and Dr. Lee Smith comes highly recommended!!

Laura (& Sean) G.

My son could barely walk due to a hip pointer.  Dr. Smith got him in on short notice and treated him with professionalism.  He adjusted him and gave him some electrode therapy and was back to playing basketball within 3 days.  He was very happy with the treatment and the follow up made by Dr. Smith!

Luke M.

”Dr. Smith is always willing to work me into his schedule when I call in pain or having an issue. He is an outstanding Doctor.”
(P.S,… Thanks for always putting my head back on straight!!!)
Jodi B.

Dr. Smith is my remedy whenever my neck or lower back are bothering me. And the sooner I get his treatment, the sooner I feel 100% again. If you have neck or back issues, don’t let things get worse, go to Dr Smith as soon as the pain arrives!

Chuck A.

I am convinced that I would not be walking around today  (I’d be flat on my back) if it weren’t for chiropractic.    All chiropractors are not the same—-I’ve tried many and find I get more relief from adjustments by Dr. Smith.  Plus, his office staff is very accommodating whenever I call!

Peggi D.

Maintaining chiropractic health is a lot like car maintenance to me.  I have to keep my body in alignment to have less long term wear and improve my drive.  Dr. Smith helps me do the “tune-up” I need.  After having dizzy spells for a number of months and tried several different health tests, it turns out that my chiropractic health has a great deal to do with my dizziness spells.  Dr. Smith has been able to greatly reduce my dizziness spells and reduce my stress at the same time.

Andrew L.

Since moving to Dubuque, I have had three other chiropractors. All were good in their own way, but none of them were able to adjust the pain out of my left hip. A friend recommended trying Dr. Smith at Fountain Chiropractic. With his help, my hip is no longer in constant pain.  Dr. Smith and I also talked about my daughter and her scoliosis. My daughter is being treated in Iowa City for scoliosis, but Dr. Smith is helping by keeping her adjusted. He has given her exercises as well to help strengthen the muscles around her spine.

Cindy B.

I started seeing Lee Smith at Fountain Chiropractic late last summer.  What a big difference.  I walked out day one with no back pain. On my second visit, he gave me exercises to strengthen the weakened back muscles.  Now I go once a month just to maintain.  The price is very reasonable, but feeling great (being able to lift my grandchildren without pain) is what really counts.

Priscilla D.

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